Clinical Study of Combination of Deep Microwave Hyperthermia and Regional Infusion Chemotherapy for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer


  • Zongzhi Liang Henan Provincial Hospital
  • Junfang Pang
  • Yapeng Huang
  • Bin Li
  • Shengnan Hu
  • Huizhen Zhang


Deep microwave hyperthermia, regional infusion chemotherapy, chemotherapy pump, advanced pancreatic cancer


Objective: Investigate the efficacy of deep hyperthermia combined with regional infusion chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer and its influence on the improvement of KPS score. 

Methods: Data 90 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer treated in Henan Provicial Hospital were retrospectively analyzed. According to different treatment methods, the patients were divided into the observation group (n=45) and the control group (n=45). The observation group received peripheral chemotherapeutic drug perfusion plus deep microwave hyperthermia, while the control group only received peripheral chemotherapeutic drug perfusion. The short-term efficacy, disease control, survival, and KPS score were compared between the groups.

Results: Both groups of patients successfully completed the treatment according to the design plan. After treatment, the total effective tumor control in the observation group was 75.56%; the control rate of ascites was 92.86%; the control rate of abdominal pain and bloating was 85.71%; the KPS score increased by more than 15 points was 62.22%; the one-year survival period was 66.66% and the two-year survival period was 20%, which is significantly higher than 37.78%, 64.29%, 47.06%, 37.78% in control group that had the one-year survival period 37.78% and the 2- year survival period 8.89%. The differences were statistically significant (P<0.05). There was no significant difference in adverse reactions caused by treatment between the two groups. 

Conclusion: The combination of deep microwave hyperthermia and regional infusion chemotherapy had a significant clinical effect in the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer. It effectively improved the short-term curative effect, clinical symptoms, and quality of life of patients, which also prolonged survival without serious adverse reactions, and was worthy of clinical application.


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